Growing up along the banks of Colorado's Cache la Poudre River I perfected the art of toad catching and river swimming at a very early age. Days on the river consisted of rafting, swimming, and finding the biggest toad, frog, or snake possible as a gift for my mother. Fortunately, life has changed very little since then. The only difference now is my camera.

Over the years my love for rivers and the slimy and scaly critters that inhabit them has turned into a passion to help conserve them. I feel truly fortunate to have grown up in such a wild place and hope that my work fosters a greater appreciation for these environments and supports the actions to help keep them free and wild. I strongly believe that promoting awareness through visual storytelling can have a large impact in conservation. If people can see what they are saving, they may see a real reason to act.

With a background in freshwater ecology much of my work focuses on creating imagery that offers a unique look into the secret worlds that reside below our rivers and streams. Working with Freshwaters Illustrated, a non-profit that uses film and photography to educate the public on a variety of freshwater topics, I hope to inspire curiosity and help to encourage everyone to get out and explore their local river. 

As the movement to conserve and restore rivers continues to gain momentum worldwide I hope my images will help motivate a new discourse in the way we all view rivers. With all of us having some connection to a river, the power to introduce communities to their aquatic neighbors may become fundamental in the movement to conserve these wild environments.