Working to celebrate, educate and motivate a new discourse in the way we all view rivers these films offer a unique perspective into the importance and value of rivers. Produced by Freshwaters Illustrated, a non-profit that uses film and photography to inspire a greater connection with our freshwater worlds, each film provides an intimate perspective on the little-known aquatic life of rivers and the passionate people working to conserve them. 


Water from the Mountain

Follow the migration of freshwater shrimp from the rainforests of Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Forest to the Coast, and discover the journey of one of the world’s most captivating water treatment (eco)systems in Freshwaters Illustrated 's new film WATER FROM THE MOUNTAIN!

Hidden Rivers

Concealed beneath the rivers and streams of Southern Appalachia resides some of the greatest celebrations of freshwater life found on this planet. This film provides an sneak peek into the remarkable wealth of colors, shapes, and behaviors,  supported below these rivers.

Wild and scenic rivers

Equipped with a paddle, boat and camera, follow the journey of writer, photographer and conservationist Tim Palmer as he celebrates the beauty of Oregon's Wild River Coast and reflects on the significance of the national Wild & Scenic Rivers Act.


What You Take Away

Grab your life jacket and join the awesome folks of Grand Canyon Youth and the USGS as they explore their way down the Grand Canyon, working to gain a deeper understanding of this irreplaceable river and the canyon it carved.

The Last Dragons

An intimate glimpse at North America's Eastern Hellbender, an ancient salamander that lives as much in myth as in reality.... and in many waters, myths are all that remain of these sentinel stream-dwellers.

A Deeper Creek

Dive into some of North America's richest rivers, and learn about innovative river snorkeling program that has brought thousands of citizen snorkelers to the vibrant waters of Southern Appalachia.


Bringing Back the Brooks

A poetic look at a forgotten native of Appalachia, the Southern Appalachian Brook Trout, which is being brought back from the brink… by hand, bucket, and hoof.

Clackamas Complete

Only enduring in the coldest, clearest, cleanest waters, Bull trout are truly a symbol of underwater wilderness. This film provides an intimate look into the secret lives of these disappearing char and the biologists working hard to return them to their native waters. 

Of a Greater Power

A preview of an ongoing Freshwaters Illustrated film project on the dam-threatened rivers of Costa Rica and Panama. The fate of these rivers will be determined by the indigenous people who value them spiritually, and some are using science as a tool to document the ecological value of these wild rivers.